Raglak ff: She is my wife (Part 20)


Chiraag’s smile turns into an evil smirk when his eyes lands on Laksh who was lost in his thoughts. Everyone’s gasp made Laksh to come to reality. Everyone was looking at him weirdly. Laksh raised his brows and looked around and immediately stood up from his chair when his eyes lands on ‘him’. Laksh looked at him with disgust and rage seeing his evil smirk. Chiraag walked towards him without breaking the cold war and reached DP. He stood near DP who was praising him for his young achievements and talents. Laksh was gritting his teeth to control his anger towards him so that he won’t spoil the meeting. At last when the meeting was about to end, DP said amusingly: U and my younger son, Laksh were looking very much same like twins! (Well Chiraag Suresh Modi is also played by Namish Taneja here…u all remember his first debut in Ek Nayi Pehchaan…yeaaahh! I am stealing that rich spoil brat to play here too…hehehe! Okk continue!)
It hit the nerve of Laksh. His eyes turned red and shouted “I AM NOT LIKE HIM!” While Chiraag smirked looking at Laksh’s reaction others were shocked to see this much rage in Laksh’s eyes. He walks out of the room without saying anything not before giving a cold stare to Chiraag.
At MM,
Ragini was in emotional mess now. She was confused, upset, scared, annoyed, irritated and what not. Her pregnancy mood swings just added fuel to her mess. She wanted to pull everyone’s hair around her especially Laksh’s. Because of him she was in such a state now. She took a long breath and sighed. She now decided to pull Laksh’s tongue. She determined to speak to him at any cost. She just packed his lunch and said to everyone that she is going to Laksh’s office as he didn’t have his breakfast. All looked at her weirdly as they thought she would be in her angry mood again after last night and won’t even look at him but when she said she is going to give him lunch it was like splashing a bucket of cold water on them. But they shooed their thoughts and smiled and sent her hoping Laksh won’t make Ragini angry AGAIN.
At DP’s cabin,
DP was sitting on his chair annoyed because of Laksh’s yelling at meeting whereas Laksh stood before him and looked elsewhere and not at his father with a scowl face. He knows what was going to come but he is not going to back off.
DP: You didn’t do right Laksh. You just walked out without even asking excuse. And why are you so angry and yelled like that in the meeting? You just spoiled your image Laksh.
Laksh looked at his in disbelief: Seriously? When you say a man, whom I loathe till my life ends, and me were looking same how do you expect me to react dad?
DP confused because of his frustration towards Chiraag and irritated because of his behavior: Laksh! I just said what everyone present in the meeting had thought. Also how do I know you hate him that much?
Laksh huffed in response and showed his back to his father which made DP to get angry. He was about to shout him but Laksh turned and said: Cancel the deal father.
DP narrowed his eyes and asked: What do you mean Laksh?
Laksh controlling his anger: I mean to say cancel the deal with that so called youngest business man. (He clutched his hand in fist to not to yell at his father because of him.)
DP: I know what you mean Laksh, but have you forgotten that he is our company’s major share holder. If we cancel this deal then we would face a heavy loss which may result in bankrupt which I won’t allow at any cost Laksh. Did you get that?
Laksh with fire in his eyes asked: So you won’t cancel his deal?
DP: I had already said to you that don’t even dream like that.
DP went out of his cabin to end the conversation. Laksh was getting more irritated and sat on a chair while running hand on his hair.
On other side Ragini reached the office and opened a cabin thinking that it would be Laksh’s. But found it dark so she was about to go but someone held her wrist from back.
That person: What a pleasant surprise beautiful!
Ragini irritated and said: Leave my hand!
But he didn’t and said: I won’t. Never!
Ragini trying to remove her wrist from his grip while shouting angrily: I said leave my hand.
That person: And I am saying “Nope beautiful! I won’t.”
Ragini became more irritated hearing his voice and turned around to slap on his face but he caught and stared her face with amused reaction. Suddenly someone opened the door and called out Ragini’s name “Ragini?” Both of them looked at the door.
Ragini whispered: Laksh!
She then looked at the person before her. Yes of course it’s Chiraag. She was shocked to see both of them at the same time. Laksh was looking at Chiraag’s hands which were holding Ragini’s hand. He marched towards them and grabbed Chiraag’s hand tightly. Though Chiraag didn’t want to leave her hand, he left to not to create any scene before Ragini. Laksh stood infront of Ragini like a wall and gave an icy stare to Chiraag who maintained an I-am-so-cool look to irritate Laksh more. Suddenly his look turned into a crooked smile, Laksh narrowed his eyes knowing that he is going to do something.
Chiraag innocently: So, is she your sister Mr. Maheshwari?
All blood drained from Laksh’s face and reached his fist which was itching to remove that crooked smile from his face. But before that,
Ragini looked at Chiraag through Laksh’s shoulder said: ‘Brother!’ (Both Laksh’s and Chiraag’s eyes widens.) ‘I am his wife.’ (Laksh smirked at Chiraag who was gritting his teeth trying to maintain his look.) ‘Ragini Laksh Maheshwari.’ (She said so proudly which made Laksh to grin stupidly. He wanted to grab her face and kiss her then there but for now he just looked Chiraag mockingly.)
Laksh shrink his nose and whispered innocently: Something or say someone is burning!
Chiraag clutched his hands to control his anger and found Ragini stood beside Laksh little bit closely which irritated him more. Laksh was enjoying the irritation in Chiraag’s face. He couldn’t help but grin like a kid whose hands are full of chocolates.
Ragini with amused face: You both were looking same.
Both Laksh’s and Chiraag’s face paled and shouted accusingly at the same time: I AM NOT LIKE HIM.
Then they looked at each other’s face and gave a death glare to each other. Ragini was looking at them innocently like a small child. She came in between and pushed them both away by their chest to break their death glare. Ragini while rubbing Laksh’s chest said: Ok! Ok! Cool down!
Laksh cooled down because of Ragini’s small gesture and looked at her lovingly. Chiraag’s eyes were laid on Ragini’s hand then at Laksh’s face. He started to breathe heavily which was noticed by Laksh.
Laksh with a small smile looked at Ragini and said: Ragini! This is our new dealer, Mr. Chiraag Suresh Modi (He said sarcastically to make Chiraag go mad.)
He turned to Chiraag and said with a mocking smile: Well, I think you don’t need any introduction for my wife Mr. Modi!
Laksh raised his eyebrow and made Chiraag to remember how Ragini snapped at him just now. Chiraag’s face turned red in anger and embarrassment. He excused himself and went out of the cabin. Laksh was jumping in happiness inside while looking at the way Chiraag had gone. His face reflected his happiness which made Ragini to wonder ‘had he gone mad?’ Finally his head snapped at Ragini’s direction who was admiring his face with a small smile.
Laksh confusingly: Ragini? Why are you here?
He immediately regretted it because now Ragini raised her eyebrows and asked: Why? Shouldn’t I come here?
Laksh immediately shook his head and said: No Ragini! I mean…I mean to say (He rubbed his nape to make him relax while Ragini was secretly enjoying his face but kept a straight face to make Laksh suffer more.)
Ragini with a straight face: What you mean to say?
Laksh gulped looking at her face: Ra…gi…ni… (He stammered and so he shook his head and gave a nervous smile and said.) Ragini! I mean to say that…why are you standing here? Yeah…! Yeah…! (His eyes lit up like he got what he was about to ask, so now he asked like a gentleman.) Why are you standing here? You could have come to my cabin directly naa?
Ragini still with the same straight face: I was searching for your cabin only but ended here, so now will you guide me to your cabin?
Laksh nodded immediately and quickly opened the door and stood like a doorman. Ragini just crossed him and walked like a majestic queen. After crossing him she heard him letting out a sigh of relief which made her to let out a small giggle. Finally they reached Laksh’s cabin and he found the lunch bag in Ragini’s hand and smiled cutely.
Laksh with a grin: So you brought me a lunch! Wow!
Ragini narrowed her eyes and said: It’s because you have ran away from me today morning without having breakfast. So only I myself had brought it. Now you should complete it. Understood? (She asked like a devil which made Laksh to gulp and nods like a kid.)
Laksh removed his blazer and moved towards his chair. He rolled up his sleeves which made Ragini to take a deep intake of air. She literally drooled on seeing him rolling his sleeves stylishly. Laksh caught her staring and smirked at her. Her cheeks become red due to blushing and embarrassment, she immediately looks away which made Laksh chuckle. Hearing his chuckle her cheeks become crimson red and bite her lower lip shyly.
Laksh: Did you have your lunch?
Ragini over confidently: Haan… haan! I had! Now you have quietly.
Laksh narrowed his eyes not trusting her a bit and just then he heard stomach growling sound. He looked up at Ragini who was looking at ground silently praying to swallow her.
Laksh: Liar! (He stood from his chair and made Ragini to sit on his place.) Now you have it. (Ragini tried to protest but Laksh glared at her.)
Ragini whined like a kid: But I had brought this specially for you.
Laksh not giving up: It’s ok! You have it. I will order my lunch.
Ragini immediately: I will have that, now you have this.
Laksh glared at her: No! It might not suit you. You have this. NOW!
Ragini pouted as she was defeated. Laksh smiled at her cuteness and ordered his lunch. Then they both had their lunch silently. Both enjoyed the comfortable silence between them.
At Chiraag’s mansion,
Chiraag was pacing on his room where he had broken almost everything in anger. He was thinking something seriously then took his mobile and called someone.
“I need you to make an accident to Laksh Maheshwari. I don’t care if he dies. But I want some damage on him. He should payback for what he did with my love. He needs to pay. Got it!?”
He throws his phone and laughed evilly and said: You didn’t do right Laksh. Now pay for it.
He smirked evilly.
At Laksh’s cabin,
Ragini suddenly felt uncomfortable. She just gulps water to shoo her unnecessary thoughts. Laksh noticed her sudden change and asked: What happened Ragini?
Ragini just shook her head in no and said: I am going home Laksh. Bye!
But Laksh stopped her and said: I will drop you Ragini. Come!
Ragini: No Laksh, it’s ok! I can…
Laksh interrupted: I said I will drop you.
He moved ahead leaving Ragini to narrow her eyes at him. They both sat on the car and drove towards MM.
A man called Chiraag to inform that a girl was also going along with Laksh but he couldn’t as he had broken the phone.
What will happen to Raglak? Can Laksh save Ragini and himself from Chiraag’s trap? So how was the part? How many like Namish as Chiraag?? Next part…don’t know may be within 2 days. I think so! Belated Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year! Keep smiling and take care everyone!


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