I am yours os (no khwabir) kanchi shot 4


Hii guys I am back with my new episode and sorry I could not reply to sone of your comments actually this is due to all my tutions and studies but ur comments encourage me to write

Shot 4
Khawish’s last ritual was been performed by kabir while breaking the pot he said I will fulfil your all wish khawish and thanks for your all favours and please ho sake to mujhe maaf kar dena he broke the pot and burned her body all went sanchi attended them she told kabir to come but he wanted to wait until her whole wood is burned they waited remicing all their moments especially kabir when the body was burned her ashes left they collected it Kabir looked at it and smiles and says I know where u want to be free khawish sanchi come with me
She nods and they went to a beautiful mountain kabir flew it their and screamed ur favourite place khawish I will fulfil your all wishes sanchi comes and says kabir I relaised later but I do not want to take Khawish’s place in ur heart but what to built a place for me in your heart and hugged him he said no one can take Khawish’s place but u already have a place in my heart.

6 months later

Everything became normal but kanchi still missed khawish they were engaged and today was their marriage
Kabir went towards khawish portrait he said I need you khawish today ur idiot friend needs u please come na I will marry sanchi for ur happiness from back khawish soul kept hand on his shoulder

Kh- duffer u are going to be with ur love forever and u are sad on such a day
Ka- I am nothing without u
Kh- u are nothing without sanchi promise me u will never leave her promise me u will make ur family with her and now she also loves u and u also na promise me you will fulfil my last wish
Kabir in tears- promise
She smiles and disappear he closed his eyes

In evening
Sanchi’s came to mandap as bride she smiled to kabir he also smiled while performing the rituals kabir remembered his and Khawish’s marriage now priest told them to stand for pheras
In their thoughts
K- I will love you sanchi forever
S- I will give u all happiness kabir

K- I will not let one tear drop from ur eyes
S- I will be always with u
K- I will support u always

S- I will trust u always
K- I will never lose u
Finally they sat sanchi kept her hand on his hand and he applied vermilion and tie the nuptial chain they were now husband and wife. They went to his home where they performed rituals but before sanchi lit diya in front of khawish portrait.
She was taken to room and found it decorated soon kabir came and locked the door and hugged her from back with his chin on her shoulder he kisses her cheeks and says thank u she turns and hugs him he carried her in his arms and place her on bed and was on top of her and tangled their hands and became one.

2 years later
Sanchi came out of wash room and saw kabir sleeping and holded khawish (their daughter ) tightly as she was 1 year old she went to her and remove his hand which disturbed his sleep
S- don’t be possesive about her
K- I Am not .

S- than
K- the fear of losing my daughter as how I lost her
S- she would not feel good if u hurt ur self again
K- hmmm and kissed Sanchi’s forehead and than of khawish they both admired their little khawish and remember all the moment spent with khawish.
Khawish soul smiled seeing her kabir’s happy family.

The end


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