Aaja tujhko pukare mere geet re(prologue)


It was night time the sky was in dark charcoal colour. The moon hid behind the veil of clouds and In one of Street of Kolkata the deathly silence was spread everywhere. The lights of each house were turned off now and the only source of light was a street light which was flickering continuously.

Then two luminous bright red eyes shined in the darkness which glared towards the street light and the bulb of that light burst up.
A shadow of a girl fall on of the house of that Street , in that house a boy of about 22 years was sleeping peacefully.
A dark shadow came near his bed and leaned on him and whispered something in his ear which gave goosebump to that boy and he opened his eyes wide and sat on his bed with a jerk but he didn’t found anyone. That boy rushed towards his room’s window and peeped outside.

Now rain started falling as heavily as it wants to obliterate Life from earth. Cats were mewling and in the pitter patter sound of rain one girl’s anklet sound was also echoing. That girl now looked upwards towards that boy’s window and the golden lightning stroke revealing both of their faces and they were……….

So here it is my new raglak story.
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Take care
Love you all


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